Friday, March 13, 2009

Paris Hilton and Tinkerbell

Paris Hilton and Tinkerbell
paris hilton, originally uploaded by Justin_pets.

Paris Hilton is well known for her love for small dogs. Hilton owns a Yorkshire terrier and a female Chihuahua, named Tinkerbell. Hilton has been frequently seen carrying Tinkerbell, "accessory dog", at social events and functions. Hilton loved Tinkerbell so much that she carried Tinkerbell in all the five seasons of her television reality show “The Simple Life”.

In 2004, Tinkerbell authored a memoir, “The Tinkerbell Hilton Diaries”. On August 12, 2004, Tinkerbell went missing after Hilton's apartment was burgled by some creative Homo sapiens, maybe with a touch of canine love too. Hilton immediately announced a $5,000 reward for the safe return of Timkerbell. She was found six days later. So, in December 2004, Tinkerbell was being carried by Paris Hilton at various events.

Paris Hilton purchased a male Chihuahua on July 25, 2007 from Pets of Bel Air in Los Angeles, to diversify and increase her collection. Hilton's love for dogs inspired her to create a dog apparel line, called “Little Lily” by Paris Hilton. Some of the proceeds from the designer dog clothes were for donation to the benefit animal rescue.

"I have 17 dogs and I like to dress them, so I started designing this clothing line and it's really cute, like dresses and jeans, everything you can imagine for humans, but for dogs," she said in an interview during Super Bowl XLII festivities.

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