Thursday, May 28, 2009

Britney Spears Concert Montreal

This action was shot taken while she was turning, hence the hair is flying - the original author asks, which Shampoo she uses - during Britney Spears Concert, 'Circus Tour', at Bell Centre, Montreal, Canada on 5th May 2009.

The production quality was pretty high with just the stage costing $10 million. The concert had everything that a Circus has, except for elephants, acrobats, magicians, jokers, flying sofas. The concert started with Perez Hilton portraying a queen, later being shot by Britney with a crossbow.

The Circus list had Circus, Piece Of Me, Radar, Hot As Ice, Boys, If U Seek Amy, Me Against The Music (Bollywood Theme), Everybody's Looking For Something, Freak Show, Breathe On Me/ Touch Of My Hand, Break The Ice, Do Something, Slave 4 U, Toxic, Baby One More Time and Womanizer.

This piece is posted with inputs from the author of this photo, click on the photo to go to his original post and high resolution picture and more such wonderful photos of Britney Spears.

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