Saturday, May 16, 2009

The natural Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson, originally uploaded by Richard E. Aaron.

Read the original author's note on the King of Pop Michael Jackson, who was part of his family's band The Jackson Five; the note says, "Michael Jackson - I had shot The Jackson Five for Rock & Soul magazine for years. Michael in the early Seventies was a quiet, unassuming young man. When on assignment for Rock & Soul magazine no matter what the location quality was first, shot all interview assignments with portable studio strobes."

And CLICK HERE for the latest photo of MJ, a result of extensive plastic surgery to alter his original looks, aided by a massive nose job, and most parts of his face. To look like a white man, he even transplanted his skin, some people claim. But it is not the truth. Check out my further posts to know the truth.

Many fans of MJ feel the ORIGINAL Jackson was looking better than the metamorphosed, UNNATURAL Jackson. What do you feel?

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