Monday, June 15, 2009

How to select the best movies and videos

Have you ever got into a dilemma about which movie to see or which not to see? Well, sometimes it could be a problem, especially when you feel after seeing the movie that it was wastage of time and money. More than that viewing a bad movie leaves you depressed sometimes. This happens when we see new movies as well as movies yesteryears, whether as videos or in theaters.

If we are to rent movies and look at a list of available movies, the list could run into thousands of movies. We can hardly know which the best is or which movie contains what. Suppose we have a list of the top 50 or top 100 movies, it will help us select what we really need. Your Movie Pal has done that part for us and it helps a lot to rent nice movies.

What about classifying the best movies into categories like comedy, drama, romance, etc. and useful reviews are available? It is far better than having an unclassified review list.

While on tour or when moving to a new city, we often find it difficult to locate a nice movie theater or to locate video rentals and DVD sales. In the case of video/DD, sometimes we may not know that there is one just near us and may travel to a distant store. has done a lot of research into this aspect and you can locate the best place for your favorite video or DVD.

They have on their site articles on the must see classic movies of all time. Also, they analyze movies according to their quality, plots, cultural relevance and societal impact. They help you select the best and you won’t end up renting bad videos.

Similarly, their current movie reviews for parents help parents decide what the best is for their children and it will keep children happy at the theaters. Also, there are reviews of family movies. For these reasons, Your Movie Pal’s review database of new and classic films is quite useful and helps as a ready reference that cannot go wrong.

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