Saturday, June 6, 2009

Is Charlotte Church splitting from Gavin Henson?

This photo is of Welsh singer, actress and television presenter Charlotte Church and partner Gavin Henson with daughter Ruby Megan seen having just been for a quiet family meal the day after Ruby's 1st Birthday.

A June 2 Washington datelined report said that the 23-year-old singer Charlotte Church had laughed off rumors suggesting that she is splitting from her rugby player boyfriend Gavin Henson. It was also reported that she defended her relationship with her beau. Church and Henson are parents to 20-month-old Ruby Megan and baby Dexter, who was born in January 2009.

Charlotte Church told Britain's ‘Hello!’ magazine, "We laugh about it. But we are concerned about the future, when our children are older and other kids might say things to them like, 'Oh we hear your mum and dad are splitting up.'… But our families know there is no truth in the rumors and although they get cross that the media invents things about us, I think they are used to it by now."

Last month, rumors were abuzz that Charlotte Church had kicked her longtime partner Gavin Henson out of their country mansion in Wales following a series of rows with him. But the couple's relatives came out and dismissed the gossip stories. Church's mother, Maria, blasted the reports as "ridiculous", reports in some websites say.

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