Thursday, July 2, 2009

Michael Jackson left behind a mountain of unreleased recordings

The media and Internet sources report that the King of Pop Michael Jackson has left behind a mountain of unreleased recordings before he died. It makes it possible that previously unheard Jackson songs could be released for many more years.

The unreleased material includes unused tracks from studio recordings of some of Jackson's best albums and many more recently recorded songs made with Senegalese R&B singer and producer Akon and, the Black Eyed Peas frontman.

According to Tommy Mottola, who was the Chairman and CEO of Sony Music (from 1998 to 2003), which owns the distribution rights to Jackson's music ‘there are dozens and dozens of songs that did not end up on his albums’. He said, "People will be hearing a lot of that unreleased material for the first time ever. There's just some genius and brilliance in there."

Since Jackson's death on Thursday, there has been an enormous unprecedented demand for the King of Pop's music, mainly “Number Ones", "Essential Michael Jackson" and "Thriller”, and 2.3 million tracks have been downloaded in the US alone.

Mottola said that for every album Jackson made, he recorded several tracks that didn't make it onto the records. These are brilliant works of Jackson’s genius.

Jackson owns some of his master recordings, while others are owned by him in partnership with Sony Music.

Seen on this photo is the sand sculpture of Michael Jackson, a guitar and his fedora hat, created by renowned sculptor Sudarshan Pattnaik at the golden sea beach, Puri, India for the fans to pay floral tributes to the "King of Pop".

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