Monday, July 13, 2009

Summer vacation to Puerto de la Cruz

photo of Puerto de la Cruz

We are going on summer vacation to Puerto de la Cruz located in Spain, on the north coast of Tenerife Island in the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Morocco (North Africa), famous for its beaches with the sun, crystal like sand, blue waters and freewheeling tourists from all around the world.

We decided on our summer vacation just after watching our favorite TV channel CBS. Incidentally, the CBS eye (CBS Eye Device logo) stands for watchfulness. It made us think of home security while we are away for almost three weeks. However, there is a strange thing common between CBS, currently the most watched television network (especially CSI: Crime Scene Investigation) and ADT Home Alarm System, arguably the #1 security system in US. All these are symbolic of watchfulness and alertness.

With ADT, the best of all Ohio alarm companies, taking care of home security with their technologically advanced security systems installed at home, connected to five monitoring centers strategically spread out throughout the US, and manned by trained security professionals 24x7, there is nothing to worry about. If one of their monitoring centers becomes cut off for any unforeseen reason, still my home is safe because the other monitoring centers will keep an eye on my home.

There are a few things that many people never think of, like the mail box getting stuffed full and pieces of mail jutting out or being strewn around, the daily newspapers and magazines lying around, which are sure indicators to burglars that there is no one there. So, I will ask my neighbors to collect these things in my absence.

I make doubly sure that all the windows and doors are securely closed so that no one finds an easy way inside my house. Random timers that can switch off and on lights automatically in different rooms will give the impression that someone is inside and moving around.

Motion detector on my porch will alert the security monitoring center if there are any suspicious movements in and around my house. Similarly smoke sensors will alarm the monitoring center if there is any smoke or fire caused by short circuits or any other cause.

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