Saturday, August 29, 2009

Heidi Montag live video: Miss Universe 2009 finale

American singer and television personality Heidi Montag performed her song “Body Language” at the Miss Universe 2009 pageant in the Bahamas in front of an estimated worldwide audience of one billion. But several critics reacted by saying it was bad, and could have been even worse.

It is alleged the song "Body Language" samples music from the number one mega hit "Situation" by Yazoo (Yaz in US). Her performance was mocked by Anderson Cooper on his show on CNN.

Montag, 22, gained fame for MTV reality show “The Hills,” becoming a TV celebrity. In The Hills and other TV appearances, Montag has earned a reputation for being a personality whom TV viewers don’t really like, but can’t keep their eyes off.

A writer at Entertainment Weekly said her performance at the Miss Universe pageant featured “moderately competent lip-syncing, some Britney-wannabe choreography... and that’s about it.”

Here is a sample of what the audience commented at various sites:

“All I can say is hypocrite... she needs to sit down and stop trying to do everything at one time and find her true talent”.

“She let her sex appeal talk. I’m not a Heidi fan because of her villainous personality added with a bit of wackiness... Heidi sounds great vocally she actually does have that sexy voice-purr except her dance performance she needs a lot of touch-up.”

“Her dance was like watching mannequins being turned in the show window. Although Heidi dolled up pretty hot... We all may not look like Heidi or have her taste in everything but that’s the difference between talent and hard-earned careers. Remember when she drop out or got fired from Bolthouse and worse... I really do wanna see how far Heidi goes and what really dumb things she’ll do next!”

“So fake! Everything about her is fake, her nose, her chin, her hair, her boobs, and now he singing!!! Anyone can record a song with the masking they have done to her voice, similar to Brittney for sure! I don’t know how she got on this show, but someone has an investment in her. And her Playboy cover...”

“Watching this without sound is just as bad, if not worse. She can’t dance to save her life, and I all I see is the next Britney Spears. God, get a life, take your husband, and jump off a cliff or something, your 15 minutes of fame is up!”

“I’ve no axe to grind with this girl. Have only seen the Hills once and didn’t care for it, it moved too slowly. Heidi’s actually an attractive woman with zero talent. How tall is she? She’d probably be an excellent model if she’s got the height”.

“However, she can’t act, can’t sing, and her dancing is an embarrassment...”

“She didn’t work for BoltHouse anymore? Wow, I didn’t actually quite like her music at all; I mean probably Britney Spears wannabe.”

“She needs to stop trying to bite Britney’s style (and old demos), take some dance lessons, accept that she can’t sing, and move back to Colorado with that nasty ... husband of hers...”

“Heidi is smoking hot. People hate her because she is the ‘bad guy’ on the Hills, but for those of us who don’t watch that MTV reality show junk, well, she’s just another hot blonde we see on the magazine covers when we go into a store. I’ve tested this theory by showing several guys who have little to no idea what 'The Hills’ is a picture of Montag and asked what they thought, and the response is always that she’s good to great looking. Teenage girls and women in the early twenties who watch the show hate her, and dog on her looks...”

“A desperate attempt to be the next Britney spears... the outfit is even reminiscent of one of Britney’s MTV performances... lip-syncing at its worst - the camera never goes in for a close-up of her face and her hair is all over the place so you won’t notice that her lip movements and the music don’t match up... the dancing is awful... she even looks at the backup dancers several times during the “performance” because she can’t seem to remember what to do… She and Spencer need to go away forever!”

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