Thursday, November 12, 2009

Before and After - Valerie

Valerie, 28 years, is a very happy Lucille Roberts member. Here is the extract of what is appended to the post. While growing up, Valerie was just a bit bigger than her friends, but never has ever been labeled "the fat one". She picked up a few pounds throughout college but after graduation she noticed her cloths do not fit and her face was getting rounder to become "the fat girl" in her social circles. She decided to join a gym and chose Lucille Roberts for its women's only membership. Within a year, she had lost 45 pounds and dropped down to size 4 jeans. Now, about a year and a half after being a size 14/16, She maintains a healthy weight and lifestyle. In fact a great change for Valerie and perhaps every fat or obese woman may be looking for a change like this.

Obesity can be overcome helped by diet, being careful about what food to eat, and proper exercise. Some people also use weight loss programs offered by professional organizations or weight loss experts. In severe cases, medicines and treatments can be useful and in extremely severe cases, weight-loss surgery can be done.

Obesity usually occurs because of over-eating and lack of enough exercise. Obesity is a condition that can shorten your life by affect you mentally and physically. Obesity often has its roots in childhood, as obesity in children is growing at a frighteningly fast rate in developed and developing countries. There are more obese children now than ever before, at any periods in history, in almost all countries. Parents let their carelessness with their own diets spill over into their children’s lives and make their lives a curse when they grow up.

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