Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Clear Wireless Internet Deals

Internet connectivity sometimes can drive you mad with no connection being possible to the World Wide Web, very low upload and download speeds, interruptions and losing connections even after getting connected. The problem can be quite upsetting especially when you have to connect to the internet for any urgent work. I have experienced it all till I found out how easy Internet accessibility can be with the next-generation 4G WiMAX technology.

If you are currently connected to Internet using cable or other systems, even if you do not face much problems, you have to experience being connected using Clear Wireless Internet 4G to know the difference. Though I was using a cable connection and DSL modem earlier, because of connectivity and speed problems I switched over to clear wireless Internet services.

They have really faster speeds, various deals and plans for homes, wireless Internet, and both, allowing you to go online from wherever you are. No need to say, it is four times faster than 3G with download speeds averaging between 3 to 6 Mbps. Clear Wireless Internet is ideal for live videos, downloading music or movies, video chats and other purposes.

Before getting my Clear Wireless Internet connection, as I said, I faced many problems in getting connected and even I paid more for my internet usage. But I found that Clear has many packages to suit the requirements of all users. Great deals are going on right now if you sign up as a new customer. In fact they offer better services and great prices compared to Mobile and Home Internet provided by most other Internet Service Providers.

Clear Broadband Internet enables you for video chats and lets your kids play games online even when you are in your car, or when you are in the park, or any other place for that matter. Their packages include Home Internet, VoIP packages and more. You get more advantages than fixed line, mobile or 3G, all combined into one, if you go for the latest technology offered by the satellite internet.

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