Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Paris Hilton's Dubai BFF

The picture above from Paris Hilton’s photo shoot in Dubai might have been shot during her visit to the emirate in connection with her reality show, Paris Hilton's Dubai BFF, the fourth installment of My New BFF franchise, a TV show from Dubai where she searches for her new best female friend in the Middle East, as she has never visited Dubai before. The original author of this photo named only Hilton and the names or identities of other persons in the photo are unknown.

The international distributor Lions Gate that had an interest in Paris Hilton’s Dubai BFF during its recent Los Angeles screening was reportedly to be involved in distribution after production is complete and it was expected it would also be aired in the US, probably on MTV. But it has not been aired yet.

As per reports, shooting for Hilton’s TV show began on 17 June 2009 and continued for seventeen days. During these days she desired to find her new BFF from a group of twenty female contestants, ten Arab citizens of Dubai and the rest of other nationalities who has been living in Dubai. The show with 10 episodes and 20 contestants had elimination rounds and Paris was to retain some ‘Talk To You Soon’ friends out of the eliminated contestants that Paris wants to keep in touch with, not as Best Friends but as ‘Just Friends’.

As it was Paris Hilton first visit to Dubai. So a part of the show was for her initial reaction to her first trip to UAE. The last episode concluded with a shoot in Los Angeles, USA. The first episode kicked off with a social event in a club in Dubai, ‘The BED Lounge’, and the tickets to attend the event were sold.

There was a press conference in which the Dubai BFF cast attended. Because of cultural and lifestyle differences in Dubai and the UK and USA, the Dubai version of Hilton’s show “would have to be compatible with cultural sensitivities as Hilton is known for her wild partying,” Dubai TV executive Ziad Batal said. Michael Hirschhorn, co-founder of Ish Entertainment further explained that the Dubai production won't be as racy as the US or UK versions. For example, alcoholic drinks, swearing, immodest conversation or risqué clothing would be restricted. Also, the TV production had to receive many approvals, including the blessings of the ruler of Dubai Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

In the meanwhile, ironically, a lawsuit was filed in Crawford County Court, USA, in June 2009 against the producers of the show by an American woman Lisa Miceli who felt the show, including Hilton and Ish Entertainment, had attempted a "hostile takeover" of her life, including attempts to interfere with her alleged relationship with Sheik Ahmed Bin Saeed Bin Al Maktoum, whom she claimed she plans to marry. It is speculated that the airing of Paris Hilton’s Dubai BFF has been stopped due to this suit, though it has been dismissed by Senior Judge Fred Anthony who signed an order dismissing Lisa Miceli's suit against Viacom and MTV.

According to news reports, Miceli claimed in the suit that she told representatives of Viacom, MTV and Ish Entertainment to prohibit Hilton from doing activities "that have anything to do with marrying into the culture of Dubai." She said she also asked that Hilton be prohibited from any "stalking and harassment of Lisa Miceli and her intended marriage partner."

In a September 1 order, as Miceli did not substantiate her claims, the Crawford County Court Senior Judge Fred Anthony observed that she had the right to amend her complaint and gave her 20 days to do so. But Miceli missed the deadline, and the judge signed the order dismissing her suit and the order was filed in Crawford County Court the next day.

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