Saturday, February 13, 2010

Is Heidi Montag obsessed with plastic surgery?

The reality TV show star Heidi Montag recently raised eyebrows by undergoing 10 plastic surgeries, all on a single day. Some people, including psychologists, raised the question whether it is an obsession or addiction. Incidentally it was not her first surgery. To set at rest the speculation going on in the media, Montag said in September 2007 that she had breast augmentation, collagen lip injections and rhinoplasty in April 2007.

View the photo above showing Heidi Montag before plastic surgery and after surgery and also her body parts that underwent the surgery. Compare the changes in her body as a result of the surgery.

However, though The Hills star, 23, announced that she is not addicted to cosmetic procedures, some psychologists disagree. Montag is not alone on the quest to look perfect, as there are many more celebrities who underwent plastic surgery and cosmetic treatment procedures before her. For instance, in December 2007 British model Katy Price underwent surgery in the U.S. to reduce the size of her breast implants and she also had rhinoplasty. Again she returned to Beverly Hills, California in July 2008 for corrective surgery and returned to the UK five days later showing off much smaller breasts, a size 32C. No wonder Los Angeles plastic surgery specialists are the favorites of not only the Hollywood celebrities and international celebs, but they are being approached by young (and even older) women from all walks of life.

To be on the fairer side, Montag, 23, is naturally beautiful and even though she did not undergo plastic surgery, she would have looked beautiful. But everyone likes to look better than they naturally are, or even the most beautiful in the world. For instance, as we frequently hear, some women may want to emulate famous celebs and supermodels who are always featured on television and other media. They may ask plastic surgeons to create on them celebrity body parts and features such as Nicole Kidman’s or Drew Barrymore’s nose, Angelina Jolie’s or Jessica Alba’s lips, while some others want to have cheeks of Sandra Bullock or Jennifer Garner. There are others who want to sculpt their bodies to look like Gisele Bundchen.

The question whether it is an obsession or an addiction is not new. It is being raised right from the times of Sigmund Freud, who founded the psychoanalytic school of psychology. Everyone likes to look good. So go ahead with plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery provided you are being treated by a highly reliable plastic surgeon. Also, don’t overdo it, do not go for surgeries all your life, or every now and then in which case it can be a case of obsession or addiction, or even what the psychologists call ‘body dysmorphic disorder’.

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