Sunday, March 28, 2010

Berlusconi prefers Simona Ventura to Angela Merkel

Italian viewers say of this clip that Berlusconi was talking about popular Italian X-Factor presenter Simona Ventura, aka 'La Ventura', as he kept German chancellor Angela Merkel waiting at the start of the NATO summit on the French-German border near Strasbourg. The X-factor in Italy airs on Rai2 public TV, which was locked in a major ratings battle with the Italian version of Friends (Amici), which airs on one of the Mediaset channels, owned by Berlusconi.

An Italian viewer says, “When he arrives, and a few seconds before he sets foot on the ground he says, ‘CON LA VENTURA, DEVI MANTENERE I RAPPORTI’.” She is a former employee of Berlusconi, and now he wanted to bring her back. And for this Merkel had to wait!

Berlusconi had fiercely criticized Italian media for their coverage of the G20 and NATO meetings. Both in London and in Strasbourg, he behaved like a clown. Queen Elisabeth II apparently told him off for shouting "Obama" during the group photo shoot at Buckingham Palace.

The reported, “Journalists said the media tycoon-turned-conservative politician left Strasbourg after Saturday's NATO summit in a foul humour brought on by controversy over his behaviour. When he arrived for the second day of talks, he was seen to be deep in conversation on his phone and, instead of walking up the red carpet to meet the German chancellor, carried on talking.”

“Visibly perplexed, Merkel eventually gave up on her Italian counterpart and led the other dignitaries on to a footbridge over the Rhine for a meeting with the French president, Nicolas Sarkozy. Berlusconi stayed on the German side of the river, missing a group photograph and a minute's silence to honor NATO soldiers killed in action.”

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