Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Does Sania Mirza disrespect Indian flag?

sania-mirza-feet, originally uploaded by sunny n.

On New Year's Day 2008, Indian tennis star Sania Mirza was pictured sitting with her feet resting on a table next to an Indian flag, as you see in the photo above. The incident was widely reported in the media. On 15 Jan 2008 BBC published the news with the headline, Sania Mirza considered quitting the sport after being accused of showing disrespect to the national flag. After newspapers published the controversial photograph taken during a match at the Hopman Cup in Australia, a complaint was filed by a person in the court in Bhopal, India, and it could have landed her in three years in jail and a fine under Prevention of Insult to the National Honour Act. However, Mirza denied showing disrespect to the flag, and said, “I just know that I would not do anything to disrespect my country…I love my country, I wouldn't be playing Hopman Cup otherwise, but besides that I am not allowed to comment."

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