Saturday, March 20, 2010

Joslyn James makes Wood's wife disappear

Joslyn James bikini photo
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As the 32-year-old Joslyn James, one of the alleged 19 mistresses Tiger Woods had affairs with, vowed to unveil more sex texts received from the disgraced golfer, his wife Elin, mother of Wood's two kids, has not been seen at their residence for several days, according to

The Daily Telegraph quoted James as saying, "I just wanted the public to know and the truth to be out there for me to have people see what I was being told and not just judge me for being with a married guy," and added, "If I would have known everything that was going on, and wasn't being lied to, I would have done things differently."

James is reported to have told the New York Daily News, "There were certain things about our relationship that were not conventional. There were a couple situations when he was a bit more aggressive than usual."

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