Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sania Mirza's engagement with Sohrab Mirza

Tennis star Sania Mirza was engaged to childhood friend and Hyderabad based businessman Sohrab Mirza and the marriage was to take place after two years. The engagement is called off for what is described as "incompatibility". Now Sania will be marrying Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik in April 2010.

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abhay said...

We feel sorry for Sania- for coming to know that Shoib was incompatible with her - i mean her so called child hood friend.
Well why couldn't she understood this say.. a 7 years back or 8 years back,,, why suddenly ... hmm..
Sania is making fool of us (Indians) to hide her instincts. Well its her own life .... We (Indians) extend her best wishes and wld be happy to see her become 'mature' with time to understand the relations and its meaning.
Love is not an easy thing to understand if u use ur brain and not too difficult to execute if u use ur heart.

Best Wishes Dear Sania... We all Indians just care about u / and many are angry bcz u didn't cared about one of our Indian brother "Shorab"