Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Teresa Wright in 'The Pride of the Yankees'

Teresa Wright has a unique distinction of receiving an Oscar nomination for each of her first three films, a feat no other actor has ever duplicated. Wright was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her debut in The Little Foxes (1941), followed by the Best Actress nomination for The Pride of the Yankees, in which she played opposite Gary Cooper, and the same year she won Best Supporting Actress as the daughter-in-law of Greer Garson's character in Mrs. Miniver.

According to The Guardian (UK), the New York-born Teresa Wright's arrival in Hollywood caused a stir, not because of her star power but because of an unprecedented clause Samuel Goldwyn agreed to write into her contract. The particular clause in the acting contract read, “The aforementioned Teresa Wright shall not be required to pose for photographs in a bathing suit unless she is in the water. Neither may she be photographed running on the beach with her hair flying in the wind. Nor may she pose in any of the following situations: In shorts, playing with a cocker spaniel; digging in a garden; whipping up a meal; attired in firecrackers and holding skyrockets for the Fourth of July; looking insinuatingly at a turkey for Thanksgiving; wearing a bunny cap with long ears for Easter; twinkling on prop snow in a skiing outfit while a fan blows her scarf; assuming an athletic stance while pretending to hit something with a bow and arrow.”

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