Saturday, August 14, 2010

Marilyn Monroe with American troops in Korea in 1954

Photo: Marilyn Monroe appears with the USO and poses for American troops in Korea after a performance at the 3rd U.S. Infantry Division Area on 17 February 17, 1954.

Soon after Marilyn Monroe’s marriage to American baseball player Joe DiMaggio in San Francisco on January 14, 1954, the couple travelled to Japan, combining a honeymoon with a business trip arranged by DiMaggio, for whom she took a secondary role to conduct his business. Monroe then travelled alone to Korea where she performed for three days to entertain 13,000 American Marines stationed there. According to many reports of the media of those days and her biographers, she used to suffer from immense stage fright those till that period her life. The experience with the American troops had helped her overcome the fear of performing in front of large crowds, she later commented.

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