Thursday, September 30, 2010

Katie Price caught using phone while driving

Buxom British model Katie Price Jordan, 32, was found guilty of not being in full control of her new luxury pink horsebox on a busy road. Price was seen by police officers talking on a mobile phone while behind the wheel in West Sussex. There were eight people including her, four adults and four children, travelling to Euro Disney in her luxury vehicle, which she had driven only twice before. Price, who already had seven points on her license, was found guilty of not being in proper control of a vehicle.

Price was fined £1,000, and ordered to pay a £15 surcharge and costs of £650 at Mid Sussex Magistrates' Court in Haywards Heath. She also had three points added to her license.

Her driving made two other vehicles to move away as her 7.5 tonne vehicle drifted into their lane on February 19. According to prosecutors, she was seen on the phone for two to three seconds by two officers after they drove alongside her in a patrol vehicle following her ‘careless’ maneuver into the opposite lane.

However, Price denied using her phone behind the wheel, insisting she had no reason to because the horsebox was equipped with hands-free Bluetooth equipment, price said in her evidence to the court.

Price is known for her several whirlwind relationships with celebrities and sports stars such as Teddy Sheringham, Dwight Yorke, singer Gareth Gates, TV Gladiator 'Ace' (Warren Furman), Dane Bowers of the boy band Another Level, Peter Andre, and MMA fighter and former Hollyoaks actor Alex Reid.

After Peter Andre and Price announced their separation in May 2009 after three and a half years of marriage, in a TV interview with Piers Morgan in July 2009, Price claimed that their breakup was partly due to Andre's jealousy over her relationship with dressage trainer Andrew Gould. In July 2009 Price began dating Alex Reid, and on 2 February 2010, Price married Alex Reid in a private ceremony in Las Vegas at the chapel in the Wynn Hotel, although press reports claimed their wedding was not legal.

Price has been internationally known for her huge breast enhancements and plastic surgeries. But in December 2007 Price underwent surgery in USA to reduce the size of her breast implants and also had rhinoplasty. But later she had to return to the United States, as she was not happy with the results of her breast implants. So she returned to Beverly Hills, California, in July 2008 for corrective surgery, and happily returned to UK five days later showing off much smaller breasts, a size 32C!

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