Saturday, September 18, 2010

Spanish Actress Marta Torné

Spanish Actress and presenter Marta Torné

Marta Torné

Spanish actress and presenter Marta Torné, born Torné Marta Gracia on 10 March 1978 in Barcelona, Spain, joined a media production company as a receptionist, after she finished C.O.U., and when her work was appreciated by everyone, she decoded to study a higher level training cycle of audiovisual production, radio shows and other related topics. Later she worked for various Radio stations such as D9R, Nou Barris, Molins de Rei Estel Radio, FlaixFM, etc.

She concentrated on the work for the small screen after she was chosen to star in one of the biggest hits on Spanish television, El Internado in Antena 3. She was also featured on the cover of FHM magazine in its Spanish edition of September 2004.

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