Friday, October 15, 2010

Tiger Wood Girls' catfight and threat of sex tape release

Photo of Joslyn James, alleged Tiger Woods Mistress
IMG_1157A - Joslyn James, originally uploaded by Jimi Photog.

Photo: Joslyn James, one of several Tiger Woods Girls who is now facing death threats from another Woods Girl Devon James

It seems Tiger Woods is not out of the woods so far, as more and more steamy stuff tumbles out of his cupboard. At one hand, now there is a threat from Porn actress Devon James and her husband, adult film producer Nick James, who claimed that they will release a ‘Tiger Woods Sex Tape’ on Friday, and on the other hand there is a catfight between two of his alleged busty ex-mistresses Devon James and Joslyn James.

Gossip sources and news sites reported about two of the several Tiger Wood's ex-mistresses getting into a catfight, exchanging death threats and one of them reporting the other to the Los Angeles Police Department.

Joslyn James sent a hate-filled email to Devon’s manager, to which allegedly Devon wrote back threatening to kill her. The row followed from when the duo appeared in a Tiger Woods porn spoof. Joslyn went to the LAPD on Tuesday and filed a report, claiming Devon, who attempted to fake a love child and Tiger Woods sex tape, threatened her life. However, LAPD is investigating the threat, the news sources added.

It may be recalled that in June Devon James alleged that Tiger Woods, who was the father of her son, born nine years ago, and filed a claim challenging Tiger woods to submit to a DNA test, but according to reports, the paternity suit was dismissed by a Florida court in August.

The Golf superstar Tiger Woods' cheating on Elin Nordegren was a very sad story in terms of his family breaking up, and the tarnishing of one of sports' most beloved icons. The case created a big sensation when it broke out and several brands endorses were affected, and the loss was estimated in billions of dollars in sales of sports goods, clothing and others endorsed by Woods.

In the meanwhile, there are reports quoting Nick James, husband of Devon James, telling nothing can stop Tiger Woods sex tape with Devon hitting the market. “I was told there was a bid by his (Wood’s) lawyers to buy out the tape, but so far no deal has been struck and I don’t it will be , either”, he said.

According to Devon, the 62-minute tape starring Woods will be opened online today. She sold the tape to a DVD company for $350,000, a newspaper report said.

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