Sunday, November 7, 2010

Versatile Ukrainian star Ruslana

Ruslana performs on stage

Ruslana performing "Wild Dances" at the Eurovision Song Contest 2004

Ruslana performing at her Charity Concert for children suffering from the consequences of the Chernobyl nuclear leak tragedy

Versatile Ukrainian pop singer and performer Ruslana, 37, (full name: Ruslana Stepanivna Lyzhychko, also known, Lana and Rusiya), is also known for her multifaceted talents such as singer, politician, dancer, producer, composer, conductor, pianist, songwriter, and voice actress. Apart from the piano, she plays guitar, drums, keyboards, and trembita, an ancient Hutsul music instrument producing trumpet-like sound.

Ruslana is the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2004, winner of World Music Award, was nominated for MTV Europe Music Award. She was also honored with the golden statue of The Best Artist Award of The Asia Song Festival 2009, and the second special award for the contribution to the cultural exchange between Ukraine and Asia in music.

Born on May 24, 1973 in Lviv, Ukrainian SSR (Ukraine), Ruslana studied from the age of four at an experimental musical school and performed with various bands. After secondary school education, Ruslana entered the Lviv Conservatory where she graduated as a classical pianist and conductor in 1995.

As an activist, with her project Wild Energy, Ruslana promotes the use of renewable energy. She considers solar energy and energy from water and the wind as independent energy sources. Also, Ruslana wants to make people aware of the dangers of global climate change.

For some time Ruslana has been the face of Garnier in Ukraine, and in the spring of last year L’Oreal Cosmetics offered Ruslana an endorsement contract as a new face of L’Oreal. She has also appeared in various commercial campaigns.

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