Sunday, January 30, 2011

Top Canadian actress Emmanuelle Chriqui

Will the the Canadian actress Emmanuelle Chriqui, who topped the’s Most Desirable Women of 2010 list, having rich experience in acting from the age of ten in a McDonald's commercial, keep up her status in 2011 too? Well, the poll is going on and in the beginning of Feb AskMen will declare the top Top 99 Most Desirable Women Of 2011. In the meanwhile they have declared the the top 10 least desirable women of 2011, and interstingly Sarah Palin tops the list of the least deasirable wpmemen of 2011, followed by Snooki, Khloe Kardashian (#3), Miley Cyrus (at #4, for all the wrong reasons she may not like), Ke$ha (#5, Kesha Serbet), Heidi Montag (#6), Lindsay Lohan (#7), Madonna (#8), Holly Madison (#9), and Danielle Staub coming at number 10.

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