Friday, February 4, 2011

A strange combination of art, science and philosophy

Image source: painting by Marko Stout

The above image, one of 22 paintings found at Dr. Marko Stout’s site, immediately made me recall the works of Pablo Picasso, may be because of the touch of cubism I associate with the main figure on the image. It also reminded me of the eerie surrealism of Salvador Dali. A further look at it gave the impression of a psychedelic painting exhibition that I visited a few years ago.

Not only this image, but all the images of the paintings I found on the site strongly stirs one’s mind and reminds of the contradictory realities of thoughts and actions of the life in the modern world. At one side there is the superfluous vanity that is the byproduct of American consumerism, and on the other there is the feel of tragedy and misery that are inflicted by wars, natural calamities, etc.

Even the diehard fans of American consumerist life will turn metaphysical when the realities of life stare at their faces. That is the message I get when I was looking at these paintings.

Interestingly, Dr. Marko Stout holds a degree in biology, a doctorate in medicine and metaphysics, and strangely he is a renowned artist. And I think, his study of biology and medicine also reflect in his works of art, as his metaphysical background does. More interestingly, he claims that he rejects the dualism of RenĂ© Descartes. But I find that Stout only complements the “Mind-body dichotomy and dualism” of Descartes. At least a closer study of the paintings suggest that only.

A more positive side of Dr. Stout’s is the use of vibrant colors that are refreshing and several themes and contradictions of modern day materialistic life that he consciously or subconsciously builds into each of his work.

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