Sunday, October 30, 2016

Return of the lazy blogger

Yes. I am too lazy and as a result this blog has suffered. It’s my first post here after January 10, 2012. I had a few other sites/blogs that were neglected for various personal reasons. Now I am trying to see what happened to those sites and also trying to keep my blogs updated as far as possible. While expressing my regrets to my regular visitors and friends, I also request you to support me further in my humble efforts to do as much as I can to keep the site updated and interesting. Also, I know that this blog needs a lot of other work like removing dead links, replacing images that have been deleted from the source, and a lot more such things. In the blogroll there are a good number of links of other blogs/sites that needs to be checked if they are still live and for reciprocal action. If the owners of those sites happen to read this page, I request them to ensure that the link to this site is kept live so that I may not remove the sites that do not reciprocate. Any message in this regard may be communicated to me through comment to this post or through the chat box. Viewers are also requested to inform about any dead links they may find or other suggestions to make this blog interesting and useful to the visitors. For this purpose too the chat box or the comments tag can be used. I thank all of you again for the kind cooperation.

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